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Daniel is an HR knowledge seeker with a passion for community. I've had a pretty cool journey. Proud Seminole, Member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Tennis Player, Haitian-American and soon-to-be husband.

I Am More Than an HR Professional

I am passionate about empowering disenfranchised communities I am a mentor I am a tennis fan I am a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity I am Haitian-American I am a long time member of […]

All HR Departments are NOT Created Equal!

Why It Matters In the Discussion of a Harassment-Free Workplace As HR professionals, most of us have spent the last few months grappling with the same issue in our workplaces. What should HR be doing […]

A Brief Q&A on Job Searches

71 percent of employees are looking for new jobs, according to a recent Washington Post survey. I am not a career coach! Due to my background in HR, I know just enough to be dangerous. […]

10 Reasons Why I’m Thankful to be in HR!

Loving what you do is a blessing. Over the years, I have learned to count my Human Resources blessings. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the everyday grind of HR and forget to put […]

When Will The Job Interview Horror Stories End?

The Bad Interview As the HR guy in my family and friend group, I am the person most often called upon for resume reviews, job interview prep and overall career counseling. (HR folks know what […]

Why I Describe HR as The ‘Abs’ of an Organization

Say you decide it’s time to get in shape. You start a workout plan and a diet. You are willing to do whatever it takes: jog, eat right, go on brisk walks, lift weights, the […]

My Fiancee and I Featured in Black Bride Magazine!

My fiancee and I had our engagement shoot featured by Black Bride Magazine. Click here to see more from our shoot and more about us…

My Message to Young Men

On October 28 2017, I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to speak to a dozen young men at the University of Akron’s Black Male Summit Academy. Here is a snippet of what I shared! Video […]

From Injury to Victory

Why injuries or setbacks can be good for our careers It has become a recent phenomenon in tennis. A player sustains an injury, takes time away from the sport, and achieves great success when they return. […]

Are Business Schools Helping the HR Profession?

The headlines are everywhere…. People Are Putting Less Faith in Four-Year College Degrees –Education Week Americans Are Divided on Whether College Degrees Are Worth It –Fortune Magazine Americans see the value in getting a college degree, but […]