Loving what you do is a blessing. Over the years, I have learned to count my Human Resources blessings. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the everyday grind of HR and forget to put it all in perspective. In this unique time of the year where many celebrate what they are thankful for, I reflected on why I’m thankful for HR and for being in HR. Here are my top-10 reasons:

1.You Live the Human Experience

In HR, we have seen the full range of human emotion. I remember, from past experiences, the emotional experience of offering a job to a candidate over the phone. You can hear the joy in their voices. I have also had to have difficult conversations that resulted in tears. You hear about the lifetime wins of weddings and babies, but also the tough times of sick parents and deaths in the family. All in all, you see it all, and it is beautiful. You hope the good days outweigh the bad days.

Emotions word cloud

2. It’s Truly a Helping Profession

We help. People usually come to us in need, which can range from practical to personal. We counsel. We provide resources. We know people spend more time at work than they do at home, so a huge part of their well-being is tied to their work environment. In HR, we try to make it better.

Group of people on peak mountain  climbing helping team work , s

3. It’s Where I Grew Up

I fell in love with HR in my junior year of college. Since then, we have been together. My entire career has been in HR. I’ve seen HR in retail, non-profit, higher education and for-profit corporations. Through HR, I’ve made many meaningful personal and professional relationships. HR also challenges and continues to challenge me. These challenges have been catalysts for my continued professional growth. I am forever indebted and grateful.

4. You Learn All Parts of the Business

There is no function other than HR where you learn all aspects of the business. When an employee brings a concern to HR, they usually incorporate their technical jargon into their concern, so you have to know what they’re talking about. Additionally, as we are responsible for managing talent, we must know the industry in which we are working. SHRM CEO Hank Jackson eloquently stated,

“Know your business. You can’t separate HR from business results.”

Business people and puzzle

5. It’s Limitless

The opportunities in the field of HR are endless. Yes, the standard HR positions such as; HR Generalist, HR Manager, HR Business Partner and HR Director are here to stay. However, there are evolving opportunities in HR Consulting, Academia (teaching HR) and even Human Resources IT!

6. It’s Fun

We can be the fun police, but we’re also the source of the fun. Often, HR is asked to partner to strategically plan the fun stuff like holiday parties, celebrations and potlucks!

office holiday party

7. It’s Encouraging

Great HR leaders are also encouragers. The transcendent HR leaders encourage people to pursue their passions, education, careers, professional development and opportunity.

8. It’s Dynamic

Through new technology, new ideas and even new legislation, HR is constantly changing! Our jobs will always be dynamic!


9. It’s New

To put in perspective, SHRM was founded in the 1940s! Similarly, many discipline-specific HR groups, such as CUPA-HR for Higher Ed HR and ATD for Training and Development, began around the same time. Even though I believe HR began with the existence of humanity, HR as an organized professional body is still new! Meaning: there is still a lot to explore, which you can see with the NEW Disrupt HR movement!

10. The #HRTribe

The HR community is vibrant and well-connected through social media. Look through the hashtags #HRTribe, #HR, and #HRBlogs to name a few. You’ll see the depth of the HR views, content and experiences being shared by the minute.


Have an amazing Thanksgiving! Reflect on your thankfulness! Why are you thankful for HR or to be in HR?

Posted by Daniel Nicolas

Daniel is an HR knowledge seeker with a passion for community. I've had a pretty cool journey. Proud Seminole, Member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Tennis Player, Haitian-American and soon-to-be husband.

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