On October 28 2017, I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to speak to a dozen young men at the University of Akron’s Black Male Summit Academy. Here is a snippet of what I shared! Video of the talk is coming soon!

1) Pick Your Route – That means; Be Intentional, Get Yourself Into the Right Position, Understand Timing, Know Your Options and Never Stop Moving.

2) Take Good Shots – Develop good habits such as going to class on time, being a team player, and having a great attitude. A collection of good decisions increases your chances of success just like taking good shots increases your shooting percentage.

3) Know Your Scoreboard – Even though you might be down, the game is not over! For knowing your scoreboard, we also discussed the importance of not watching other people’s scoreboards via social media. Focus on your game and your game only!

Posted by Daniel Nicolas

Daniel is an HR knowledge seeker with a passion for community. I've had a pretty cool journey. Proud Seminole, Member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Tennis Player, Haitian-American and soon-to-be husband.

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